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Pulling the plug once and for all

I’ve done what I wanted to do in this game. Battlemaster, check. Conqueror, check. Even made it over 13000 achievement points. Reacquired my old vanilla pvp title (and even went a notch above it) via RBGs.

What straw broke this camel’s back? I logged on last night, saw my nice 2500 point ceiling for conquest points, thought to myself “wonder who’s on to do some RBGs?”, started browsing friend list and did some /who…nothing. Started toying with the idea of joining a raid guild…browsed a list of guilds only to find none that would raid at the time slot I would prefer. I’m done spending extra money just to play, so I’m not paying to server transfer.

About 90% of my friend’s list, Real ID and all, no longer log on. One friend just told me last week he was letting his account expire. I happened to check mine, and it runs out Friday, so I jumped on the opportunity to stop it from renewing. There’s a lot of upcoming stuff that’s going to take away from playing wow, namely new games such as Skyrim, Battlefield 3, The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. In all seriousness, between TOR and GW2, I see wow losing a significant chunk of player base if there aren’t some major changes.

Some things that could be done:

One pvp currency, one pve: Get rid of this stupid Valor/Conquest point crap that’s changed EVERY SINGLE PATCH since implementation. Such instability should be indicative that there’s a problem. Basically, Justice Points would get someone entry level raid gear, so that they could get their super nice tier and such from raiding. Not having tier gear on a point vendor is a good step forward. Honor points would get you your pvp set, which would closely match the top pve gear in terms of item level. This levels the playing field for RBGs and arena (in terms of gear) and also makes it significantly easier for those of us who would like to play alts to get them geared for pvp. The whole “you have to do x amount of RBGs/arena/heroics to get your points for the week” nonsense is asinine.

Achievements account-wide: Should’ve been this way when implemented. The way it is now tends to punish the alt freaks such as yours truly and promote OCD. Something such as Battlemaster is an ideal candidate for an account-wide achievement; were it so, I would’ve had that achievement a year ago, but I have it nonetheless.

Strengthen server communities: This can be attacked from two fronts. First, get rid of all this LFD/LFR crap. It has driven the wow community down into the toilet. But oh noes, whatever shall we do to get groups for stuff? There’s like no one on our server! Easy…server merges. Do we really need nearly 250 servers for the US? IIRC over half of them don’t even top 5k max level population…then you have a couple dozen super servers with around 30k. Bring the community together, ffs, and not in some random way aka LFD/LFR. Hell, here’s a crazy thought: Make people have to travel to the dungeons they want to run. Remember the last time you had to do that? Other than the start of Cata (when you had to find the dungeon entrance in the world to use it), I don’t.

Stop promoting fail play: AKA stop nerfing the raids. Even though I stopped raiding as of 4.2, I’m just scratching my head over how they’re going about nerfing the content even when most guilds are steadily progressing through it at a reasonable pace. Totalbiscuit sums it up nicely in his “why I quit WoW” podcast or whatever back in May:


Funny how up in arms TB is over the T11 nerf, which if you ask me isn’t near as bad as the nerf to Firelands WHILE THE CONTENT IS STILL CURRENT. Nothing was nerfed in BC from BT’s introduction until 3.0 (when none of it really mattered). Not much was nerfed in Wrath; ICC didn’t have to be due to the welfare buff they gave everyone.

Heroic mode raids are stupid: Hey let’s give this boss like 2-3 new abilities…and increase it’s damage done and health. Zzz…really? I’d rather there be a dozen-ish unique encounters. T11 wouldn’t have been so bad if the actual zones themselves weren’t so drab. Bastion? Just a giant hallway with a few open rooms for the boss encounters; basically a raid version of Shattered Halls. BWD was a hallway with a circle attached to it that had some rooms offshooting from it. Throne…who cared about throne, heh. Here, have some RNG epics because we were too lazy to come up with a couple of clever names.

Get rid of “chores”: Nothing has become more depressing than daily quests. Whoever came up with the concept of the Molten Front should be fired. Tol Barad wasn’t even this bad, even though I don’t care much for the BoP tokens (should be BoA) and rep requirement on the items. They did dailies right with Isle of Quel’Danas; everything since then has been a pain in the neck (don’t get me started on the Argent Tournament…the ultimate OCD nightmare). The Valor/Conquest point system is another chore…just get rid of that crap. It’s tiresome to have to be on to do redundant content just to keep current.

Lastly, I suspect there will be a new lead developer come expansion 4. Don’t know when or how it will go down, nor do I have any inside info whatsoever; it’s simply a hunch.

My QQ comes to an end now. It was a nice near 7 year run. I had a lot of fun with this game, and a lot of fond memories from it, but now I move on.

TL;DR Cata sucks, fire Turdcrawler, hire me to fix your game, gg.

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