Kazgrel – Formerly my one and only alt, created a month after The Burning Crusade (TBC/BC) came out in 2007. Leveled as enhance up to 60, which is when I switched to elemental, the spec I always wanted to try as a shaman. Eventually made it to 70 almost a year after creation (remember, Kaz was an alt the entire time). Ended up taking a break from WoW due to RL obligations, only to return to find my guild in dismay; the push into end-game content wasn’t easy, and we were in desperate need of healers. It was at that time I volunteered to spec resto and raid as Kaz, and it was definitely a trial by fire; first test: Kael’thas. Guild eventually split up, so I joined another raiding guild, only to get burned out in their environment and stopped playing again. Months later, after contacting former guildies from the guild I was originally in as Kaz, we reunited on a new server (Ysera), where the unthinkable occured: I was asked to switch to elemental. Haven’t looked back since, although I do not mind healing one bit as a shaman (thanks to the recently-added dual spec feature, resto is my second spec).

I’ve been a bit of a nomad on WoW throughout the years. Servers played (in somewhat accurate order): Stormrage (alliance), Silvermoon (alliance), Dalaran (Horde), Mal’Ganis (alliance), Malfurion (horde), Exodar (horde), and now Ysera.

In reality, I’m a tech support specialist, which means I sit around answering a phone and/or trouble tickets for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I take pride in it, though, because unlike many that work this position, there’s no scripts that I have to read off of in order to help someone; they get a direct link to my brain to solve whatever problem plagues them. When not at work and not on WoW, I’m either hanging out with friends or I’m working out in the weight room. Such a sedentary lifestyle requires me to make sure I don’t let my body turn to blubber…heh.

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