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April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Been putzing around on my small army of alts lately:

Warrior – 85, and went ahead and swapped from fury to arms in anticipation of this week’s 4.1 patch. I believe I can pull more dps as arms, plus arms is simply more fun; don’t like how at times I’m caught going “no buttons to hit” or “fuuuu rage starved” while playing fury. Second spec will remain prot so I have that option available if guildies need a heroic tank. I’m also a heroic Putricide kill away from a nice Frostbrood drake for this char, which should be done this upcoming reset. Yeah, only 6 or so months behind on that, but my warrior’s an alt, albeit a former main and with significantly more achievements than any other alt I have.

Druid, warlock, priest, paladin – All are in the 82-84 range (84, 83, 83, and 82 respectively). Despite being the highest level, I’ve played and enjoyed the druid the least…not sure why, to be honest. I did get him from 80 to halfway through 81-82 simply via herbing, hence his level lead. I’ve tried boomkin, kitty, and resto, and wasn’t really thrilled with any of them; apparently the only druid spec I’m remotely good with is bear…durr. Warlock (affliction/destro) and priest (shadow/disc) are a blast to play, least to me. Paladin has been relatively fun leveling as holy, but I’m running into the same issue with ret as I did with fury, where it’s like you’re sitting there at times with nothing to do. Sure, those times may be a second, but as a dpser, any time where I’m not doing something is time I’m not doing dps, thus wasted time. More time on target dummy needed (after a few mins of it, I was getting a better feel for the rotation/priority).

DK, hunter – 77 and 76 respectively. Both pull ~3k dps at their level (unholy and survival are their main specs, again respectively). Having to catch up their professions, but that’s on pace at this point.

Rogue, mage – both at 65, and they’re kinda polar opposites in terms of dps. Mage (fire/frost) completely wrecks packs with aoe (which is just about every pull now) and does respectable single target dps. Rogue (combat/assassination) isn’t an aoe machine, but does brutal dps on boss fights (where I can actually get rupture up, heh). I prefer assassination over combat, but combat smokes it with perma-sweeping strikes. I think I can pull higher dps on bosses as assassination, but with 90% of dungeons being trash pack AOE fests, combat’s the way to go (Until Fan of Knives at level 80…really thought they would add that at lower level by now).

Heirlooms are OP, btw. I’ll probably buy the new tanking ones, although I don’t know if I’ll use them or not, heh. I don’t think they need to add heirloom legs (which have been found via datamining), but if they do, I won’t complain.

Things will pick up for Kaz with 4.1; I may feel motivated to finish my Professor title from archaeology now that there are more “not-so-rare-rares” that appear to be added to the profession. I’ll also get another chance at picking up a bear mount with the return of ZA.


Achievement Hunting, Alt-itis, and Ruby Sanctum first impressions

June 30, 2010 1 comment

It’s been a busy couples of weeks on the RL front as of late, so time to catch the blog up on wow-related happenings, weee!

I can has cheese…ments?

I’ve become quite the achievement hunter as of late, and oddly enough it’s after I eclipsed the 9000 achievement points mark. I actually expected it to happen; it being that I would struggle to pass the 9000 mark (for which you get the ever-so lovely “It’s Over Nine Thousand!” feat of strength, which I link to noobs when they ask me what my gear score is). A month after acquiring said feat of strength, I now border 9500; 9495 to be exact, and I’ll tip over that scale once we make a corpse out of Halion.

The highlight of recent achievements was done with a pseudo-pug (pseudo in the fact it was mostly members of another raid guild on our server) that in 2 days cleared all of the Ulduar 25 hard mode achievements, including the Yogg +1 kill that taunted me for the past 2-3 months since the last pseudo-pug (which was more of a pug than this group) cleared all of the achievements except for Yogg +1, which we spent some 6 or so hours trying to complete. No more of that achievement festering like a wound, for now I fly the skies of Azeroth on an ironbound proto-drake, which is actually rarer than the ICC frost wyrm mounts that are starting to roll out in droves. Sadly, we could not beat Algalon with that group; our next to last attempt had him at ~5% (forgot the exact amount but it was single digits), but a LOT of people in the raid had never done the fight before. I believe that guild went back last week and got that done, though.

Speaking of frost wyrms…I’m only 3 achievements away from the bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher, but I most likely won’t get that done this week. I’m in our hand-picked group that is working on LK hard mode, and I still need the achievement for letting necrotic plague or whatever stack to 30 (along with Full House and All You Can Eat). I should be able to coerce the guild into working those down, though. 😛

The largest chunk of the ~500 points I’ve acquired in the past month was by completing all the Midsummer achievements, which was the last of the metas needed to get the violet proto-drake. It was a bit anticlimatic, to say the least, since I got the violet a week after having acquired the ironbound…”eh, violet proto, whatever”…heh. 😛 I still think putting up with doing all that stuff over the course of a year warrants a nice shiny 310% speed flying mount. Looking forward, if I decide I want to pursue this drake on any of my alts, I’ll be able to fly around the old world when Cata arrives, so knocking this stuff out should be a LOT faster.

Now my goal is to make it to 10k achievement points before Cataclysm, but I do not think that will happen. The largest chunk of points I could acquire towards getting there would be by acquiring Battlemaster; I’m only about 2/3 of the way toward that, with a lot of Strand and AV victories between me and it, among a slew of other achievements, such as the infamous “We had it all along *cough*”, where you win a game of AB by the score of 1600-1590. Sadly, I know for fact I’ve pulled that off 2-3 times in years past, but that was well before the achievement system came into play. I could start looking for arena teams, also…but I think I’d rather stab myself in the eyes with a rusty spork than bother with arena. I thoroughly enjoy battlegrounds and Wintergrasp, but arena infuriates me to no end, mainly because you can no longer do well by grabbing your friends and jumping right in; they have to be a certain class/spec to complement you so that you can compete at a respectable level. Perhaps my full analysis/opinion on wow pvp will come to fruition in the form of a future blog post. 🙂

Alt-itis in Full Swing

Despite enjoying BGs and WG, I barely bothered with it this weekend. Instead, alt-itis was in full swing. I have acquired dual spec on every single character I have now (since I have money running out of my ears on Kaz; I have bought pretty much every “gold sink” at this point). Played my DK and hunter for the first time in several months; switched the DK from blood dps to unholy and I’ve noticed it’s a slight dps upgrade without having a good grasp on the rotation involved. I’m pretty sure I can start cranking out 1k dps consistently on him…oh, he’s level 67, btw, and half his gear is still the DK starter gear, heh. With the hunter, I have picked up Marksmanship as a second spec, along with the standard BM leveling spec. I’m thinking that MM, with it’s focus on increased direct damage and aoe, should allow me to push more dps than I currently do as BM. Also, in the event my pet were to die, I wouldn’t lose 40 some odd percent of my dps (I am making that number up, for I haven’t really paid attention to the damage breakdown to that degree).

My rogue and mage are neck and neck level wise, having just passed over the level 40 mark. They are both solid dps, but polar opposites; I can wreck single target dps on the rogue like it’s cool, but the mage wins the overall battle due to having obscene aoe. I enjoy the mage experience more, but that’s mainly due to WoTLK Syndrome, where every dungeon/raid has ended up being “zomg aoe” and mobs evaporate in a cloud of flashy colors. I have dual spec on both toons already, but with no clear direction as to what I’d do with a second spec…maybe pvp specs for each, but BG queues for horde in general are abysmal, no matter the level.

The lock and priest are stuck in the low 70s range for now; I will probably resort to leveling via quests, since I am bored to tears with Northrend dungeons since I’ve run them 1340589372618934751236495823745132 times in the past year and a half or so. They have their professions (tailoring/enchanting on the lock, herbing/alchemy on the priest) maxed out, so I have my money’s worth out of them, heh.

I am slowly converting my paladin into a full time healadin; the only problem is motivating myself to run heroics to finish off his gear…I think my summary in the previous paragraph sums that up. Druid isn’t doing much of anything since I’m burned out facerolling heroics for welfare loot; current use for him aside from making glyphs for other toons is Anzu farming; I have a deal worked out with a friend where we run each other’s mains through for Anzu using our druids. No mount so far, but I think in time we’ll both have it. 🙂

Ruby Sanctum: First Impression

Ruby Sanctum was finally opened to the public yesterday, and elements from it are quite nice to see. For one, there’s a couple of trash packs featuring Commander mobs (forget the exact name) that have to be pulled out and away from the rest, or else it provides a battle shout or whatever that increases the damage done by nearby units; the more that are stacked together, the more they get buffed. Try piling them all together and AOEing, and you’ll quickly see that your tanks are dead. Said trash packs have my seal of approval.

The mini bosses aren’t anything exciting, although the one that’s to the left when you enter can royally eff people up if tanks aren’t awake and pick up the mirror images. As for Halion…ah, Halion, you bastard. I personally feel like this is a VERY easy fight, at least on normal (I have not been in for any heroic attempts). All that fire and shit you see on the videos? It tickles. Seriously. I was quite disappointed when I stood smack dab in the middle of A FUCKING METEOR STRIKE…and it hit me for all of 15k. Hopefully on heroic that’s an instagib in heroic, heh. I mean…a giant fucking rock the size of a UPS truck just fell on my head and I’m doing just fine, thank you very much. Of course, I stood there while we purposefully dying due to a wipe being called.

So did we kill Halion? No…and of course we had a soul-crushing 2-3% wipe. So what was killing people? Positioning was one, namely when folks would transition between the realms. Folks would get gibbed by cleave going into P2 until we were like “durr, move teh dargon 2 teh wahl” or something to that degree. Biggest killer of the night, though: Big Blue Laser. In the shadow realm, there are 2 big orbs that circle the room; they resemble the shadow orbs that float around in the Blood Prince Council fight in ICC. Every 15ish seconds, there will be an emote/warning that goes out about the orbs getting shiny or something (were I to write it, it would say “HALION IZ CHARGIN HIZ LAZURZ”) then a laser beam forms between the two orbs, going across the room and rotating clockwise. Hardest job here, imo, would be for the tank; they have to keep themselves just ahead of the laser, almost parallel with it, so that us squishy folk don’t get owned by cleave, breath attack, or a tail swipe that stuns/knocks down long enough for the laser to catch up and OM NOM NOM NOOB.

That’s Halion in a nutshell, more or less. Not a very difficult fight, and I believe we’ll have it done with either tonight or some time later in the week. For now, lunch time is near, so I must go feed my face. Adios!

Hiatus Aftermath, and Cataclysm Spoilers Galore

May 7, 2010 Leave a comment

The decision to suspend 25 man raiding has come at quite a cost; we had the initial batch of folks who left for other guilds that comprised mostly of new folks. After some time has passed, though, we’ve had folks that decided to leave that was somewhat of a surprise; their main reason for leaving was to pursue 25 man content, though, and many of said surprise folks were leaving alts behind in our guild, so it’s apparent they still want to keep in touch. I’m totally fine with that, for most all of those folks are considering only doing 10 man content come Cataclysm.

Speaking of Cataclysm…the roof has been blown off the cover of the Friends and Family alpha. Ooodles of screenshots of new and revamped areas are out and about, and most all of them look pretty solid at this point. While discussing Cata, though, a friend of mine (who has quit wow for several months) made the argument of “How long will people play Cata since it’s mostly regurgitated content?” Hard to say, really. I intend to play a goblin and worgen just to see all the starting areas (hell, I still have yet to complete the draenei starting areas, heh). The problem I have is with my current server, I have the full allotment of 10 characters that I can have on a single server, and most of them I will not delete due to having leveled professions on said characters. I’m one profession away (Jewelcrafting) from having literally every profession leveled up to max level, and I’d like to keep it that way. Also…I really REALLY don’t care to level another character ever again, and if I do, it will be via dungeon crawling. Repetitive as they may be, I find it far more fun to group up and tackle dungeons then solo quest my way through levels. I blame my months-long grind for Loremaster for my feelings towards questing now. 😛

Some of the initial new talent set ups are out, and shaman are among the classes with their talent trees revised some. I’m expecting some QQ from the pvp community over 2 things, though: Earthquake, and it’s 30% chance to knock someone down that takes damage from it, and Lava Surge. Lava Surge is basically our form of the ret paladin T10 2 piece bonus, where our FS ticks have a 30% chance to reset the cooldown on Lava Burst. Now if health pools are indeed greatly enlargened for everyone across the board, by the time we get to 85 the possibility of chaining several LvBs together in a short time span won’t be as scary a factor as it sounds. However, as much as I like to be optimistic, I foresee Lava Surge either being changed or removed. I almost want to say Earthquake will lose the knockdown component, but it is a talented ability compared to Blizzard, which every mage gets; therefore, it should have an extra flair/component to it. If people are dumb enough to stand in it, then they deserve to get knocked down.

Cata is only in it’s infant stages in terms of playable form, so there’s bound to be a LOT of changes between now and release. So far, so good, if you ask me.

Oh yes, I have a blog…Also, look before you poach

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Not a lot of ground-shaking stuff going on in my neck of the woods as of late. Work has tapered off some today to where I could post about…well, not much, heh.

Progression has hit a plateau once again, but this week wasn’t going to get much done, anyhow, being 2/3 of our officers are out on various vacations this week. The talent pool on Ysera has shown to have some diamonds in the rough, but for every one of those, there’s at least 5 people that apply and make me scratch my head. Don’t be misled by our guild name; we take our raiding seriously. What’s strange to me is how some classes/specs seem to be non-existant: Boomkin, warlocks, and elemental shaman all come to mind.

I (finally) have 4 piece T10, and I ended up picking up my set gloves so I could iron out a hit set (for those raids where no shadow priest or boomkin is present). Next on my list looks to be the healing trinket, but it’s quite a nice feeling not having to run random heroics every single day, so it’s going to take a backseat. Either that, or perhaps I start stocking primordial saronite and put Shadow’s Edge in my warrior’s hands. 😛

On the alt front, I’m looking to acquire a second 2h weapon and go fury once again on my warrior, with an arms pvp build for pvp lulz. Haven’t given my paladin much love as of late, although I did fill in on a Ulduar 10 hard mode group and got a couple of those done. If I weren’t lazy, I could probably have rusteds on both of my current 80 alts (the warrior and paladin). Tonight, though, I may have the red proto on my paladin, which will make me 3 for 3 as far as red protos on my 80s goes. Picked up dual spec for my next 2 80s, which will be my druid and warlock; tank/feral dps for the former while the latter added an affliction build to go along with destro. Cat DPS looks to be a massive headache, especially compared to my shaman; I will probably have a pvp resto spec on him at 80. Keeping him as a bear because I intend for him to become my primary tanking toon eventually. As for my warlock, for whatever reason, dpsing with him is fun, whether it’s destro or affliction. I’m starting to gravitate toward the latter for the self healing, plus with all the talents + heirloom gear for Seed of Corruption, trash packs are a blast…so long as the tank can hold aggro, heh.

Regarding the other alts, they are coming along slowly. The 68 priest is this weekend’s goal; I want to level his alchemy so that I have a flask bot available. That said, I’m probably going to make him a transmute master; I’m thinking it can produce gobs of cash if I get procs on making gems or titanium. I also have 2 64s, my DK and hunter. I’m pretty crappy with the hunter, but the DK…rofl. I don’t see why folks whine about not being able to put runes on heirloom weapons…you don’t need them when you can pull 900 dps as a level 63. Sure, that may not sound like a lot of dps, but I’ve seen level 80s that can’t pull that; it makes my head hurt trying to think how people could fail that hard at this game. 😦 I have zero professions on the DK, though, and being I have every other profession in the game covered, I’ll probably level engineering on him since it can be cheap (1-450 on my shaman for 2k gold, with virtually no mats saved on my other toons). Hunter is going to be my skinning bitch, so I added LW to him for the bracer benefit plus cheap leg enchants.

Last, but not least, my baby alts; 27 rogue and 29 mage. Fortunately for them, dps queues for random dungeons at their level aren’t too terrible. One of my guildies informed me he has an up and coming prot pally just under their level, so they will have instant queues for dungeons soon enough. 🙂 Leveling Jewelcrafting (the only profession I don’t have at a decent level) on the rogue has me convinced that JC is by FAR the most painful profession to level.

As for Kaz himself, if I’m not running a random or helping out with the occasional raid (lol @ the pseudo pug for OS 3D 10 man from last night, where guildies begged me to come replace a lock doing 2k dps), I’m usually rocking out to some pvp action. This week’s raid quest was for Noth, so I once again got the opportunity to punt a flagged alliance player off of Naxx…and I did just that. 😛 Outside of that, I’m usually running BGs with friends, and we do the occasional run of arena games (only at a measly 1300 rating after ~60 games). Word of advice to any aspiring pvp elementals: Don’t do 2s. Save yourself the headache. Painful doesn’t begin to describe how awful 2s are as elemental. 3s and 5s are very much doable with the right teammates, though.

Last, but not least, a word to would-be recruiters for raiding guilds: If you’re going to attempt to poach someone from another guild, it’s probably wise to look them up on armory and see your would be “recruit” doesn’t have clout within their current guild…yes, I had a guild try to recruit me to theirs, with the person recruiting being oblivious to the fact I’m GM of LE. I mean, you’d think there would be some sort of web page where you can see members of a guild and what rank they hold within the guild…oh, wait.

Back on The Treadmill

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I had this post typed up yesterday, but doing so while at work let to it disappearing amidst the shitstorm of stuff I had to do at the time, so I’m posting a tl;dr version of what I had written up:

  • New wing open in ICC today. Hopefully we can get some time spent on it today; if not, there’s tomorrow.
  • Warrior and pally are almost fully decked out thanks to the badge system. Warrior lacks 3 tanking pieces, while pally lacks one. Pally also could use Furious PVP items, but those aren’t a big rush
  • I’ve added tailoring, enchanting, and inscription to my in-game profession portfolio via my warlock and druid. 450 enchanting (with all major Northrend enchants save for the Ulduar tank ones) on a level 66 = lulz.

Argh…the work shitstorm has returned, so adios for now!

The Holiday Lull (or Lulz)

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Haven’t updated in what seems like a while…I’ve been busy with all this crazy holiday stuff going on. A wonderful week off from work last week (which only seemed like 1 day off) had me out and about, but when I wasn’t, I was busy burning away time in-game.

Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Alt Season! FIRE!!!

Alt-itis has picked up since 3.3 released with 3 new heroic 5 man dungeons along with heroics new and old throwing triumph badges at adventurers. With lots of folks being out and unavailable to raid, alt season has been in full swing, and will continue to be until next week, when the holidays are over and the next wing of ICC is unlocked for our raiding pleasure.

I’ve been hard at work on my alts, namely my warrior, which I’ve decked out with every useful badge upgrade available, and will be “complete” with 2 BOE acquisitions as far as DPS gear goes, although the expertise ring from heroic HoR would be nice if I wanted to run an Incite build again. His PVP set is also fully kitted out, and awaits the release of Arena Season 8 before any more upgrades become available (I don’t do arena seriously, if at all). Tank set netted 2 upgrades from ToC 10 last night, including a chestplate that replaces the one I got on him in Naxx almost a year ago, heh.

My paladin has come along well, too, although he now has the ugly problem of having waaaaaay too much hit rating; at one point, I believe I was at 457 hit. A huge majority of that is from the polearm “upgrade” I obtained on him from heroic HoR; the axe from heroic PoS would be much better (although I would much rather have the OEB from Ony…mmm). Tanking gear is pretty well rounded out, although I’m going to snag the armor trinket and hopefully also the trinket from heroic PoS. I’m fortunate that my paladin’s tanking gear is well off enough to allow him to tank ICC (10 at least), unlike my warrior…despite our best efforts, my warrior requires WAY too much healing to be in there (although we did get 3/4…my gimp tank + subpar/alt dps = Saurfang wins).

My new favorite alt at this time would be my warlock. I joined 2 guildies leveling druid alts (one a tank, the other healing) via dungeon farming (only doing quests that pertained to the dungeons) over the weekend and managed to gain 3-almost-4 levels, even having had rest xp run out. I also respecced him from Affliction to Destruction for the dungeon running…holy hell, the damage is INSANE. As I’ve gotten a firmer grasp of the rotation/priority of destro casting (plus gear), dps went from 800ish to consistently around 1k…and this is at level 65. It doesn’t hurt I also leveled tailoring and enchanting on him to where he has ring enchants and cheap yet epic leg enchants…a gain of ~100 spell power. Oh, and he has full heirlooms, too. Chaos Bolt crits (upwards of 5.5k) are virtually guaranteed to pull aggro, and sucessive crits of Conflag and/or Incinerates will do the same.

Raiding…oh wait

Last week consisted of nothing but ICC; 1 25 man, and 3 different 10 mans, one of which was last night. Sadly, as previously mention when blabbering about my pally, my warrior was pretty much carried through as a tank, and it eventually bit us on Saurfang. This week may only be 10 mans; attendance is hampered being that we’re in the heart of the holiday season now. Next week should be interesting, though; hopefully folks will show up energized and ready to rock, especially being that a new wing of ICC will be available.

Having to cut this off here due to work…and lack of idea. More later on!