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4.2: Return to Fotm…er Form; oh, and T12!

May 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Some potentially sexy buffs are coming elemental shaman’s way:

May 10 4.2 PTR notes:

– Lava Flows now grants a 30/60/90% haste buff when a Flame Shock effect is dispelled, up from 10/20/30%.

– Thunderstorm now reduces the movement speed of players it knocks back by 40% for 5 seconds.

– Unleash Elements is now in the Nature school, and thus can no longer be used if a shaman’s Nature school has been locked out.

– The 4-piece Elemental shaman PvP set bonus (Gladiator’s Thunderfist set) has been redesigned. It now causes Lightning Shield to generate an extra charge, rather than consuming one, when it is triggered by receiving damage, up to a maximum of 3 (9 with the Rolling Thunder talent).

– Lightning Shield and Water Shield can no longer be dispelled.

– Glyph of Unleashed Lightning (new Prime glyph) allows Lightning Bolt to be cast while moving.

The main concern amongst the pvp community now is our mana (in)efficiency, which may or may not be resolved by the Unleashed Lightning glyph, since it will allow us to cast more lightning bolts. There’s also the manner of a defensive cd; yes, we can glyph EM, but what other class would have to use their dps cooldown in order to reduce damage they are taking? Only idea I can scrape off the top of my head at the moment would be to re-introduce Astral Shift, but have it be an ele-only defensive cd of some flavor.

As OP as some of these changes look on paper…well, they’re needed. Ele is extremely vulnerable in pvp due to the fact that 90% of our damage occurs when we plant our feet and turret spells into enemies…which happens for all of 1 second tops against half decent pvpers. Any time my friends and I encounter an ele shaman, I’m yelling at them to simply tunnel the shaman, which results in said shaman being dead fairly quickly.

Amongst the raiding community, there seems to be a large amount of “meh” regarding these changes, namely the new glyph. I’m honestly surprised at the lack of enthusiasm about a solution to one of our biggest weaknesses (damage while moving). Oh, boo hoo, we have to debate over which glyph to swap at this point…and on that note, who’s to say they don’t simply make our current LB glyph do exactly what this new one does, then bake in the 4% damage increase by default, or if we’re incredibly lucky, they bake it in as a 5-6% increase. I don’t expect this to happen, but all of this is on PTR, and things there are subject to change, such as the new legendary staff, as shown here.

Needless to say, I’m hoping these changes make it through PTR intact (at the very least) and to live. Speaking of PTR, our T12 has made it’s debut, and I’ll go ahead and say we are 12 for 12 in terms of having reasonably decent looking tier sets:

Shaman T12 on males

Shaman T12 on females

Preview video courtesy of MMO-Champion:



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Been a while since I could take the time to even touch this page. Fair amount of activity, but just a lack of time to get anything meaningful posted:

12/12 in normal content, FINALLY: Nearly 2 months (from around the time of my last post until now) ago we started on Nefarian. Not a difficult encounter, although for 90% of our attempts, I was resto due to a dearth of healers. Finally, last week we had enough healers I was able to dps, and equipped with my Reverberation talent I alone could lock down one of the P2 adds, thus allowing our other dpsers to go all out on their targets without worrying with interrupts (thus proving that dps shaman are king for this instance of interrupts). Up until last week, our attempts were constantly marred by disconnect after disconnect…and it wasn’t always the same people. Even folks with amazingly good hardware (myself included) would randomly get dropped out, only to come back dead (or worse, alive just before Onyxia respawned, resulting in more dead people if said person couldn’t take a dive in the lava fast enough). Last week, though, we finally overcame all of the garbage disconnects, excuses, and whatnot and made a corpse of Nefarian (again). Video of our first kill can be found here. Shadow priest POV. Also for whatever reason, Al’akir seems 100x easier on 10 man compared to 25.

Flirting with “FOTM”: If you’re looking for yours truly in the above video…look closer to the ground. That’s right, I was a goblin in that video. Feeling a bit bored, I checked out goblin animations and racials and decided to give it a go. Couple of days later, I started noticing a racial I was missing that was really starting to annoy me: Hardiness. Doesn’t sound like much, but I found myself in at least half a dozen instances of “if that stun wore off half a second sooner I could’ve gotten a heal off…” in the 3 days I was a good ol’ gobbie. That, plus I simply flat out started missing being an orc, heh. In fact, the experience has convinced me I should probably convert some of my alts to what I dub “the supreme Horde race”…but that’s an expensive endeavor. Cheaper than a weekend out on the town, I suppose, heh. I refer to goblin as FOTM because nearly half the Horde shaman on my server have race changed to goblin…and the whole feeling of “jumping on the bandwagon” had my skin crawling.

Elemental PVP, oh how I hate thee…: I’ve been moonlighting as resto for PVP for a fair amount of Cata so far. Elemental feels so pathetic for pvp right now that it’s simply frustrating to play. Quit my 2’s team in a fit of rage after losing several games in a row where I felt I could literally do nothing. Despite how frustrating ele PVP is, running around as resto right now reminds me of how god mode it once was late in BC (only surpassed by resto druids, but what didn’t they surpass then?). Rejoined the team, took some chill pills (simply a figure of speech; no drugs were taken during the queueing of arena) and just deal with it for now. Yes, I’m playing ele in 2s…fortunately my friend is a shadow priest, who has a fair amount of CC and peeling capability, which an ele MUST have if they want to do anything in arena now. The one game I went resto with my friend, we won…but it was a 20 minute ordeal vs an affliction lock/resto druid team. We’re not exactly patient with arena; we want games done in 5 mins or less, heh.

ARGH SO CLOSE: In the past 2 months I would slave away on weekends for various Call To Arms for BGs I needed achievements from, and now I stand 1 achievement away from the Battlemaster title I’ve coveted ever since seeing it in game: Arathi Basin Perfection. The infuriating part is I have this achievement on 2 of my alts, and I’m over 150 recorded AB victories on my shaman without a perfect win. I still say it’s a matter of when, not if…but damn, it’s irritating. Repeated efforts to form an organized group for it have fallen through due to folks not being online. Even without Battlemaster, I’ve managed to eek over the 12k achievement point mark, which felt pretty cool. Not sure if I’ll get to 13k, though! 😛

All for now…I’ll try to be a bit more prompt with updating this in the future, though, perhaps my once-a-week-or-two shenanigans, which I think is fair.

Happy Holidays :)

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

May be another 2 weeks or so before I get back around to posting, being that the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are upon us now. That said, it’s a dreadfully slow day at work, so I thought I’d drop some more observations and thoughts here.

I haven’t done much of anything in terms of raiding since my last post here. That said, based on experiences in heroics, I’m looking forward to raiding, whether it’s as elemental or resto (and now that most of our healing core is at 85 and farming heroics with the rest of us, I’ll most likely be back to my old elemental self).

Elemental DPS seems like it will be fine, least to me. One thing I have started to notice as my gear has improved, though, is that Lava Burst isn’t the “burst” that it used to be. Lightning Bolt crits are now hitting almost as hard as my LvB crits, but I think there’s several factors in play; for one, LB will be getting the majority of Clearcasting charges, which on top of cooldowns amplify it a lot. Also, we have to remember that in most cases LvB is guaranteed to be a crit, whereas LB may crit 20-25% of the time. To think “omg LvB barely crits harder than LB so it sucks” would be ridiculous, since LvB gives us the benefit of consistently having CC charges up. This is especially critical since mana usage has gone up significantly; I have had some points where I ran OOM. That brings me to another point…

What meta gem should we be using? Well, once I crafted my engineering goggles, I immediately dropped a chaotic shadowspirit in the meta slot, and gemmed accordingly. Int/spirit or int/hit (depending on how the gem market was at the time) gems in red, blue sockets with mastery/hit, and yellows with just haste. However, after getting pretty much all the gemmable gear I would need going into raiding (barring BoE epics I’m 1-2 items away from being BiS pre-raiding), I swapped my meta to the Int/+2% mana meta, and went back to our old way of gemming: Int in red, int/spi in blue, int/haste in yellow. I do not have conclusive evidence that my DPS has increased, but going by seat-of-the-pants feel, it seems like I’m doing more dps now. Added benefits include a mana pool that increased by almost 8k…this may not seem like a big deal, but I noticed I went from having mana trouble in long fights to cruising through fights retaining most all of my mana barring occasions I had to use Earthquake (which is going to destroy the mana pool no matter what, heh). The meta swap also lets my eng goggles double dip, and by that I mean that I get to use them in my resto set now.

On the resto front, I’ve been throughly enjoying the challenge that we call the new healing model. Hopefully healing won’t return to where it was in late WotLK, where (for heroics at least) I could basically /afk my way through heroics, or if I was feeling really risky I would queue as a healer and instead be in full elemental gear/spec and would DPS…and if I REALLY wanted to be snarky, I would ask the group why the healer was top dps, heh. I only pulled that snarky card if someone in the group was being a douche, though. Now, for the new healing model, I find that I’m mostly using Riptide and Healing Wave, since they are by far the most mana efficient of our spells. Greater Healing Wave comes into play if someone’s trickling down low on health, and combined with our mastery, it provides a considerable chunk of health restored in most cases; nowhere near the levels of throughput we had in WotLK, but we’re not supposed to have such throughput. Healing Surge has taken the place of Chain Heal as our “Oh S***” button, namely when a DPS’s health spikes down, or if the tank starts to take a dive on HP. As for CH…it’s nowhere near the super power it once was. This is probably the biggest change I’ve had to cope with, because like many shaman I had engrained in my brain that “when in doubt, chain heal”. This doesn’t work well anymore, because in a couple of cases I had that thought occur to me, cast a CH, then someone would die. However…couple CH with our new Healing Rain and we’re capable of some absurd amounts of multi-target healing. Again, it’s nothing like what we had before where a CH would basically heal up 3-4 people virtually all their HP, but it’s still a potent combination. HR allows us to smooth out damage done on a group of folks (such as the melee + tank clump on most all boss fights) while healing other targets…it’s a shaman form of Beacon of Light, I suppose.

I also got back into my PVP groove, starting with Tol Barad…and for once I’m going to say “What the fuck, Blizz?” TB is perhaps the biggest PVP blunder they’ve ever introduced in this game, even more so than the countless revamps of AV (should’ve left it alone IMO). For those who have not tried TB, there are 3 bases and 3 towers. The attacking team has to capture all 3 bases in order to win; they can destroy the 3 towers to buy themselves more time if needed. The defending team technically does not have to hold a single base; so long as one of the 3 bases is in the grey and the time expires, the defense wins. This relegates TB to being nothing more than zerg vs. zerg, with the defense being heavily favored. The simplest solution to this would be to require that 2 of the 3 bases be held to win, whether the O or D is holding them. This gives the D more reason to try and defend the towers, and would discourage both sides from running around with one giant zerg. Couple the TB blunder with the MMR/conquest point bugs that cropped up and you have a lot of aggravated PVPers. On top of that, random BG queues are still pretty awful, and it doesn’t help that more often than not I end up in a group that’s…well, bad, to put it nicely. One positive note, though: You can get all of your conquest points for a week by winning 5 arena matches, which when you have next to no rating is pretty easy to accomplish. This is a big saving grace for us Horde here in the US, since we often have to wait 15-20 minutes to get into a random BG. Granted, it’s gonna take about 4 months to get all of my vicious pvp gear at this rate, but it took about that long in BC for my warrior to get full S2 gear, so it’s not that big a deal. Oh, and that time can be reduced simply by increasing one’s rating, whether it’s in arena or in rated BGs.

Also, after juggling several options for a second profession after dropping Leatherworking (since it would cost me a small fortune to buy all the mats I would’ve needed to level it), I opted for Alchemy and became a Potion Master. This has paid off nicely because I can now sell Truegold cooldowns or Living Elements cooldowns. I was aided in this endeavor by my druid alt, who has herbalism and inscription. Put it simply, a tauren druid cannot be beaten when it comes to herbing, period. The tauren Cultivation racial makes the cast time for herb gathering half a second, which has allowed me to snipe herbs from others charging the same herb node as I on many occasions. If I’m not thrilled with Engineering come next content patch, I may very well drop it in favor of picking up herbing on my shaman so that I’m never stuck without a way to level professions unless I bust out an alt. Besides, herbalism now provides a haste CD that maths out to be an average of 80 haste, so it’s pretty baller when compared to mining and skinning. Mining gets on my nerves at this point because everyone, their brother, and their mother is out mining ore. Were I playing in morning times like some of my friends, it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m generally having to play during prime time, so that’s out of the question. Oh, and leveling alchemy from 1-525 cost me about 1/10th the amount it took to get Engineering from 450-525…so for any up and coming raiders undecided on what professions to pick up to help them with raiding, you can always count on herbalism and alchemy to be of solid use, no matter what class/spec you play. Oh, and it can make you some gold, too…that’s always a plus.

Well, it’s approaching the hour I get to leave the office, so happy holidays to those who have read this far, and those who don’t even know this blog exists. 😛

Is the grass greener on the other side?

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Last week, after debating over the idea for a while, I transferred my warrior over to another server to join up with a long time friend of mine. Said transfer also required me to faction change my warrior as well, since my friend plays alliance.

What made the decision hard? Well, I already had a level 76 warrior on that server. After realizing all the gear I’d have to re-farm once I hit 80, I decided to pull the plug on said 76 warrior. No point in having 2 of any class like that now since faction transfer became available. All I have left now that is a duplicate is my orc warrior from vanilla wow, who hasn’t been seriously played since I quit during vanilla 4 years ago.

So how is level 80 as alliance on a different server? Well…it’s not a lot different from where I was horde. However, Windrunner has virutally no horde on it, making Wintergrasp a complete joke. Least on Ysera, we tend to have balanced games for the most part, where there’s no massive amount of tenacity. On Windrunner you’re hard pressed to encounter a horde player with less than 15 stacks of tenacity. I could see that being fun once or twice if I were horde there, but when you lose WG 90% of the time, even 1 shotting folks would get old fast.

My biggest concern with coming over was battlegrounds. All I ever hear is how fail alliance is at pvp and that they never win and so on. Well, so far, it has not been too bad; I’ve been in some epic fail games and I’ve been in some faceroll victories. The biggest difference (aside from “Oh hey I need to kill the orcs/tauren/etc. now) is the queue times…oh man how I envy the alliance queue times. I have yet to be in queue for a random BG for more than a minute on my warrior, whereas we have a MINIMUM 10 minute wait as horde; it’s usually around 15 minutes for an average wait time. Needless to say, I’ve learned to constantly afk while queuing BGs as horde, or else run around doing daily quests or farm stuff. Sure, I could make productive use of the time, but when I want to pvp, I want to pvp, not run around with a thumb up my ass.

One of my RL friends that plays with us on Ysera moved his warrior alt to the alliance, and he’s seeing virtually the same things I see with my warrior, even being different levels and battlegroups. He’s made it clear that if it weren’t for all the friends he’s made plus having RL friends on the server, he would faction change his main in order to get in on more BG action. I can’t say I blame my friend. I mean…think of it this way. With our current queue times, we will get in 2 (maybe 3 if stupidly lucky) BGs in a hour. With a near-instant queue, we’d get in 4-5; basically, even if we only mustered a 50/50 win ratio, we’d still come out with the same amount of wins we generally do now. However, we’d spend 95% of the time actually pvping rather than having to find ways to pass the time. In some instances, I have left the house, went down to the local convenience store, picked up a snack, and returned in time to get the queue pop. I’ve also taken a shower and got back in time.

So what prevents me from changing? One, I’d lose all my Argent Tournament achievements, and for those that haven’t been around in the guild/know me well, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the Argent Tournament. When you have farmed up all those damnable Champion’s Seals for every single mount they offer (and I still have 3 of the pets to obtain PLUS the tabards and banners), you quickly start hating that place/event with a passion. I do not know why Blizz couldn’t translate those achievements over when you transfer. Another reason not to change: I like being an orc shaman. Remember Warcraft 3? The “shaman” there were all orcs, in those spiffy looking tribal outfits with lightning shields up and casting bloodlust on all of your units. When I first debated creating a shaman many years ago, I found myself pulled to orc for that very reason, even though at the time everyone and their brother was like “go tauren or gtfo” or “loltroll”. Therefore, I’d find it hard to switch from the “real” shaman race to…a blueberry. 😛

On another note, the human trinket racial Every Man for Himself is wickedly good. I’m currently running the attack power variant of the Battlemaster trinket along with Deathbringer’s Will, so it’s basically a trade of 153 resil for 256 attack power and the on-use HP boost. I would love to get my hand’s on Death’s Choice…er Verdict for maximum firepower, heh.

The versatility that the human trinket racial provides has had me thinking about the different racial abilities and how there will always be imbalance in this game due to them. Were I going for pvp balance, I’d remove pretty much anything that provides a benefit in combat, hand out some form of EMFH trinket racial to all races, then call it a day. Stuff like Diplomacy, professions bonuses, etc. could remain intact (of course someone will QQ about humans getting Justicar faster than other races); shit like the 2% miss to spell schools, Blood Fury, Beserking, War Stomp, Escape Artist, expertise bonuses can hit the road. Unfortunately, such design decisions are not mine to make, for the changes I proposed would piss a LOT of people off. That, plus Blizzard has stated numerous times in the past that they want to retain racial abilities for lore and “flavor” reasons, or something of that sort. I can see their point there, but since they look to be taking a much more involved approach to pvp in Cataclysm, I would think they’d want to work on balancing things out. Again, I don’t get paid to make decisions/ideas for that, so I will sit idly by and see what Blizzard decides to do.

Hiatus Aftermath, and Cataclysm Spoilers Galore

May 7, 2010 Leave a comment

The decision to suspend 25 man raiding has come at quite a cost; we had the initial batch of folks who left for other guilds that comprised mostly of new folks. After some time has passed, though, we’ve had folks that decided to leave that was somewhat of a surprise; their main reason for leaving was to pursue 25 man content, though, and many of said surprise folks were leaving alts behind in our guild, so it’s apparent they still want to keep in touch. I’m totally fine with that, for most all of those folks are considering only doing 10 man content come Cataclysm.

Speaking of Cataclysm…the roof has been blown off the cover of the Friends and Family alpha. Ooodles of screenshots of new and revamped areas are out and about, and most all of them look pretty solid at this point. While discussing Cata, though, a friend of mine (who has quit wow for several months) made the argument of “How long will people play Cata since it’s mostly regurgitated content?” Hard to say, really. I intend to play a goblin and worgen just to see all the starting areas (hell, I still have yet to complete the draenei starting areas, heh). The problem I have is with my current server, I have the full allotment of 10 characters that I can have on a single server, and most of them I will not delete due to having leveled professions on said characters. I’m one profession away (Jewelcrafting) from having literally every profession leveled up to max level, and I’d like to keep it that way. Also…I really REALLY don’t care to level another character ever again, and if I do, it will be via dungeon crawling. Repetitive as they may be, I find it far more fun to group up and tackle dungeons then solo quest my way through levels. I blame my months-long grind for Loremaster for my feelings towards questing now. 😛

Some of the initial new talent set ups are out, and shaman are among the classes with their talent trees revised some. I’m expecting some QQ from the pvp community over 2 things, though: Earthquake, and it’s 30% chance to knock someone down that takes damage from it, and Lava Surge. Lava Surge is basically our form of the ret paladin T10 2 piece bonus, where our FS ticks have a 30% chance to reset the cooldown on Lava Burst. Now if health pools are indeed greatly enlargened for everyone across the board, by the time we get to 85 the possibility of chaining several LvBs together in a short time span won’t be as scary a factor as it sounds. However, as much as I like to be optimistic, I foresee Lava Surge either being changed or removed. I almost want to say Earthquake will lose the knockdown component, but it is a talented ability compared to Blizzard, which every mage gets; therefore, it should have an extra flair/component to it. If people are dumb enough to stand in it, then they deserve to get knocked down.

Cata is only in it’s infant stages in terms of playable form, so there’s bound to be a LOT of changes between now and release. So far, so good, if you ask me.

3.3.2 – First Impressions, Good and Bad, plus Itemization Fail

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

So 3.3.2 is upon us now, which means raiding guilds worldwide are now able to finally flex their muscle against the Lich King himself (and defeat him, as shown here).

One very pleasant change with this patch concerns pvp gear. Folks like yours truly that enjoy Wintergrasp and BGs, yet despise arena play, aren’t completely shut out of the gearing equation like previous WOTLK arena seasons. All of the previous season’s gear is available without requiring arena rating (although the better pieces do require arena points still), save for weapons, which were sadly removed and replaced with current season weapons. At this point, I don’t see the harm in having left the previous season’s weapons available in some (less expensive; say honor points only) form. Even the ilvl 245 weapons would be a very nice upgrade to most everyone’s pvp sets. I’m personally fine for getting away with using my raiding weapon and shield for pvp, but they’re also much higher ilvl than their pvp counterparts. Sure, the pvp weapons could very well be upgrades for folks for pve, but pvp weapons are nowhere near as well itemized as they were back during TBC. The big complaint with WOTLK pvp has been burst damage, and that it’s too high; those 245 weapons are worth a solid amount of resilience for most folks (~100 from 245 items) and in most cases, more stamina.

Being the ingenious bastard that I am, over the course of the past arena season, I managed to not only cap honor on my shaman (75k), but I also managed to farm up 215 Wintergrasp honor tokens via shards and marks of honor. That’s an additional 430k honor there. I also had 2 more similar tokens from arena points I had left over. For those wondering how the hell one can accumulate so many of those tokens…well, I have 3 level 80s, so that’s 3 characters that are able to do the Wintergrasp quests each week. My 2 alts are also capable of tanking, so when I tank heroics while we have the Essence of Wintergrasp, the shards come flowing in. I’m also able to fill out part of their pvp sets via badges, so it really helps with catching them up some on gear. Despite the seemingly enormous amount of honor I had saved up, I burned through every bit of it on Tuesday; I netted every upgrade possible for my shaman, then 3 pieces each for my paladin and warrior. Quite a fun little shopping spree. 🙂

The Shamanism buff is noticeable. I don’t have any concrete numbers/logs/etc. to back that statement up, but it was clear to me that most of my casts were hitting noticeably harder. Now if I’d update my Recount and find an officer that can actually run logs without fubaring the task… 😛

Later that evening, the loot table for the Lich King finally became public knowledge…and with it comes disappointment for elemental shaman, least those in 25 man raid guilds. Once again, the end boss caster weapon is a sword. Thus, the best weapon available will be the dagger from the 10 man version of the LK fight. Needless to say, I’m disappointed in the decision to have that particular sword be…well, a sword, rather than a dagger. Were it a dagger, it would make it viable for priests, druids, and us shaman, of course, although it would take it out of the picture for paladins. Not a big deal, if you ask me, since paladins could opt in for the mace. The caster staff that is available is loaded with spirit, so that takes it out of the equation also. Our enhance brethren can look forward to beautifully itemized weapons: Main hand Fist from 10 man and an axe from 25.

As for me personally…it will be a long time before I may even get a crack at a weapon upgrade: The dagger from LK on 10 man heroic difficulty. Kinda silly that the only clear upgrade I have would be that, but them’s the dice, I suppose.

All in all, I do hope in future encounters where the end boss is the weapon pinata that the itemization team takes a better look at what they make available. We elementals really got crapped on, followed closely by our shadow priest and boomkin friends (they at least have talents and such that make the staff from LK 25 viable).

Leveling via PVP? Yes, please!

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

One addition with the 3.2 patch that I overlooked is that you can now gain xp by doing battlegrounds. I was reminded of it by the following post:

With the XP numbers being posted there, I’m convinced that leveling via pvp is a viable alternative to going through the quest grind for the umpteenth time. For long time players such as myself (I’ve done every quest in the game at least once; I would guess at least 3 times for every quest, and dozens of times for low level quests/zones), this is WONDERFUL. Yeah, sure, I’d be plodding around in the same BGs that have existed for years now, but I would find leveling to be a LOT more fun when it involves pwning the opposite faction in some pvp action. Beats the hell out of “Collect 15 bear pelts that have a 10% drop rate for no logical reason other than to annoy the piss out of you” quests that I’ve already done before.

Some downsides: The heirloom xp bonus doesn’t apply (not that big of a deal), plus you’d miss out on rep gains from turning in quests. Regarding the latter, if you are desperate for rep, going back and working on Loremaster when you are 80 (as I did a couple of months back) will net you all the rep you could ever need, and then some.

Twinks are crying because their queue times have shot up to ridiculous levels, but really…not many of us care anymore. I’ve been that guy that has a decently geared character that wants to pvp with friends, only to get steamrolled by someone who’s sitting at x9 in the bracket with all sorts of crazy ass gear/enchants just so they can slaughter people. Well, no more. The xp via battlegrounds option is one of the better things that has been added to wow in a long time. I’m not looking to level another alt any time soon, but if I do, I’m sooo going to be pounding it out in BGs.